Welcome to St. Gertrude CYO Basketball 2021-22

Fall Tyro (9th/10th grade) and Fall Senior League (11th/12th grade) begin right as the school year begins.  The boys leagues are considered “A” Division and are intended for players who will be on their High School JV/Varsity teams (Scholastic players) in November.  There is a Winter Tyro and Senior League which begins in January for boys who do not make their school teams.  Girls Tyro/ Senior has an “A” league in the Fall as well for Scholastic players as well as a B league for non-scholastic players.

4th Grade Boys and Girls are instructional.  Only one division, 10 game season, the score during games is re-set at the end of each quarter to 0-0 to keep the focus on developing the players.

5th-8th grade Boys and Girls there are A, B, and C divisions based on skill level.  Where we have more than 1 team per grade there will be evaluations to properly place the player at appropriate division based on their current skill level.

All HS players and girls 4th-8th should register right away as registration paper work is due to CYOLI the first and second week of September respectively.  Boys registration is due by the end of September and that is when evaluations if needed will be held.

We look forward to as normal a season as the circumstances allow.  Parents will be advised in advance of the season to any game/practice protocols as they evolve.